MP Partners

MP Partners puts at your disposal its extensive knowledge of Myanmar, from its customs, its personalities, its prominent figures, its markets and business practices.
MP Partners offers you a personalized service, assist you in the development and realization of your projects.
MP Partners facilitates your meetings with key people in the country, industrialists, commercial partners, journalists, artists and celebrities.
As MP PR & Events and Happy Agency we are determined to provide creative solutions and enhance brand image for our customers.

MP PR & Events - Myanmar

MP PR & Events can organize every type of Events and Press or Public Relations in Myanmar.

Happy Agency - Myanmar and Vietnam

Happy Agency, offers brands enhanced brand awareness, targeted customer acquisition and customer retention strategies in Myanmar and Vietnam. Through innovative family-focused marketing tools, we establish channels between brands and young parents in which new parents can discover your products and services.

Happy Agency has developed marketing and communication media that are built to reach consumers at the exact moment that their buying behavior undergoes a key shift towards your brand’s products and services.

  • Negotiation
  • Partnerships
  • Brand Marketing
  • Implementation
  • Communication
  • Brand Strategy
  • Image
  • Press and Public Relations
  • Events
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